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Life At Camp Lo-Fi: The Last Nine Years


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This episode's track list (title / artist / source / license):

1.  Minor Event by Nangdo [Free Music Archive] (CC-BY-NC-SA) (2010)

2.  Where The Love Is (ft. Dale Novella) by Mikal Amin [Bandcamp] (2019)

3.  Stroll by Exmiranda [Jamendo] (CC-BY-NC) (2018)

4.  Home Is Free by Soul Inscribed [Bandcamp] (2020)

5.  Guaranteed (feat. Ace Hashimoto) by Devin Morrison [Bandcamp] (CC-BY-NC-ND) (2019)

6.  It's Not Fair (Feat. Illspokinn) by Core Rhythm & Zajazza [Bandcamp] (2020)

7.  Socks by Shlohmo [Free Music Archive] (CC-BY-NC-SA) (2009)

8.  INSTANT CLASSIC (Intro) / Tip Jar by CM & Tha Silent Partner [blocSonic] (CC-BY-NC-SA) (2021)

9.  Alright Anyway Ft. Taelor Gray by SHON THA PHENOM [Jamendo] (CC-BY-NC) (2022)

This episode is the second of a two-part series looking back on 18 years of Radio BSOTS.  Truth be told, the second half of the BSOTS life span is largely defined by inconsistency on the podcast feed and finding a regular groove on the broadcast side of the equation due to joining Bondfire Radio in 2015.  Being a part of that radio family felt bigger than BSOTS and I wanted to be a team player.  One might say that I ghosted my own podcast, but I came back to the feed when I felt like I had something to say.  And when I couldn't find the right words, I let the music speak.

The selections included in this episode are all from artists that I've played in the past.  Nangdo and Shlohmo both provide some stellar beat business found on the Free Music Archive.  The moodiness of Shlohmo's "Socks" feels murky and disoriented while "Minor Event" by Nangdo plays around with brighter tones and vocal harmonies.  Over on Jamendo, Canadian artist Exmiranda offers up a hynotic, hip-shaking cut in "Stroll" and Shon Tha Phenom turns the power of positive thinking into the anthmemic "Alright Anyway."  Meanwhile, I used to play Devin Morrison's music on my Bondfire broadcasts years before I found out that his work is released under a Creative Commons license.  "Guaranteed" is warm and soulful and feels like the nervous energy one gets when trying to play it cool around someone that they're attracted to.

It was important for me to represent for the music of Mikal Amin, Mtume Gant, and Baba Israel on this episode.  All three of them spoke to me separately about being a part of Bondfire Radio, but long before that, they were all good friends of mine and artists that I had in mind when starting this podcast.  Their recorded output and live performances rekindled my love for hip-hop at a time when I thought that I was done with it.  CM & Tha Silent Partner represent another shining example of hip-hop that can reaffirm or reestablish one's faith in the genre.  Their blocSonics E.P. remains one of the sonic highlights of the blocSonic netlabel's back catalog.  I still can't get over the fact that a clip from one of my early podcast episodes kicks off their follow-up release, blocSonics 2!

The last nine years have been full of highs and lows for this podcast, but I'm just thankful that it's still here.  Although I take some time to tell my story, the music is still the star of the show and I hope that you find a new favorite artist or song as you listen.

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Theme music produced by Cy Tru and edited by Macedonia.  ID drops courtesy of Chyll Will, DarrenKeith, and Morganics.  Background music includes "Infinity 2" by Techniken Defunkus.

Music by SoulProdMusic from Pixabay

This work is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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