Sunday, February 15, 2015

Radio BSOTS Show #154 - Cupid's Hunt 2015: Scenarios

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This is my contribution to the 8th Annual Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration, recorded on Valentine's Day 2015.  This one is for those still feeling the afterglow as well as those who carry on after the love is gone.  This is for the ecstatic and those who would say "it's complicated" regarding their relationship status.  Whether in love, out of love, or somewhere in between, there's probably at least one song here that you can relate to, be it vocal or instrumental.

I hope you enjoy this one and will check out all the other great mixes that are part of this year's Cupid's Hunt event.

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This episode's track list:

1.  Mar - "Mar Variation - Avril 14th with Szjerdene" (2011) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
2.  Kassett / Margo - "Lovebites (LTGL Remix)" (2014) {Bandcamp (name your price)}
3.  Harikiri - "Tell Me, Touch It'" (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
4.  Sir - "Love You (Prod by Knx) " (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
5.  Alice Russell - "I'm The Man, That Will Find You" (2014) {iTunes}
6.  The Stuyvesants - "W.O.M.A.N." (2010) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
7.  Hygher Baby - "Let U Go (DJ Asparagus Remix)" (2010) {iTunes}
8.  Katalyst - "Dreaming Of You" (2011) {iTunes}
9.  Robokid - "Ur Touch (Affelaye Remix)" (2014) {Bandcamp (name your price)}
10.  Sleepin Giant - "Let's Get Serious feat. Ruben Hein (EAN Remix)" (2014) {Bandcamp}
11.  Boss Kite - "Fruit Smoothie feat. Motem" (2012) {Bandcamp (name your price)}
12.  Tall Black Guy - "I See You" (2012) {Bandcamp}
13.  Jneiro Jarel - "Android Romance 1" (2010) {Bandcamp}
14.  Eddie - "10pm" (2011) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
15.  Sly Maceo - "Because" (2014) {Bandcamp}
16.  Joey Ripps - "Leave" (2009) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
17.  MUTE - "Cry" (2012) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
18.  H.. - "Take Me Somewhere Nice" (2013) {Bandcamp (name your price)}
19.  Robin Hannibal - "Amends" (2011) {iTunes}
20.  Diggs Duke - "Forever Love Is Tainted" (2014) {Bandcamp}
21.  Lazerbeak - "Don't Tie Me Down" (2012) {iTunes}
22.  Queen Magic - "I Don't Want" (2014) {Bandcamp (name your price)}
23.  Jaye P. Morgan - "Here Is Where Your Love Belongs" (1976) {iTunes}
24.  Jon Phonics - "Yes ft. Yasine" (2014) {Bandcamp}

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