Saturday, October 24, 2015

Radio BSOTS show #157 - For Those Of Us Still Finding Our Way...

Because sometimes you just need some sun-drenched music in your life for motivation. Sending this mix out to all whom the show title applies. Camp Lo-Fi's getting some broadcast love right now, but rest assured...the podcast ain't goin' NOWHERE. Trust.

Thank you for listening. Here's hoping that you'll visit the Speakpipe page to leave voice message feedback. I'd love to hear from you. :-]

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This episode's track list:

1. Chief & Deheb - "These Are The Songs" (2015) {Bandcamp}
2. FilosofischeStilte - "Lost (Sam a la Bamalot Remix)" (2015) {Bandcamp}
3. Danny Scrilla - "Jello'" (2015) {Bandcamp}
4. Nuage - "Spring Ghosts" (2015) {Bandcamp}
5. Dizz1 - "Get Em Up feat. Frank Nitt (Danny Breaks Remix)" (2015) {iTunes}
6. Zagar - "Dream Of A Machine (Daveny Remix)" (2014) {iTunes}
7. Positive Flow - "Children Of The Sun feat. Heidi Vogel (Rowpieces Remix)" (2015) {iTunes}
8. Satele - "Sounds Within" (2015) {iTunes}
9. Bastien Keb - "Beat Without A Heart" (2015) {Bandcamp (name your price)}
10. Quantic - "Painting Silhouettes" (2015) {iTunes}
11. Lossy - "River Neckinger" (2015) {iTunes}
12. A Study In Her - "Days & Nights & Weeks & Months" (2010) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
13. Sinistarr - "Runna" (2012) {iTunes}
14. Inko - "Leeejo" (2012) {iTunes}

ID drops courtesy of EJ Flavors and Fave. Background music selections include "germinal ring" by Cyclops Joint and "Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

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