Monday, February 3, 2020

Radio BSOTS show #171 - BUCKWILD: The Faith-Based Practice of Podcasting

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This is a delayed transmission, recorded in December of 2019 with finishing touches and edits donethe following month.  It's rather odd how I keep returning to this knowing the inevitable delays that will prevent the next episode from surfacing online sooner than I would like.  The recording and editing of a show: those are the places I want to live all the time.  Things like show notes and updating RSS feeds, however...that's another story.  And then there's the "hey! look over here" aspect of it all, the marketing campaign that has to take place after you've created a thing, be it through social media blasts or other means.  It's a strange game of faith that content creators play.  In a day and an age where it seems like everyone wants to get in on podcasting, I find it rather presumptuous to think that someone would want to listen to mine (even though I know for a fact that some people have for years now).

Maybe I've been doing this for too long, but this is the thing that I turn to when the world (and particularly the work days) get to be too much.  I don't do this for monetization's sake.  I don't do this for sponsors.  I still do this for the reasons that I did it back in 2005: as a creative outlet and for my own sanity.  The need for a primal scream in my podcast feed every now and then was the whole reason why the "buckwild" episodes began in the first place. I was overdue for another one of these and considering that the world feels like it's on fire, perhaps these types of episodes ought to be released more frequently.

However you might have stumbled upon this, thank you for taking the time to listen.  It's 2020, y'all.  Here goes nothin'.

This episode's track list:

1.  Cheese - The Return (CC license)
2.  Jonny Sonic - Blue #3
3.  Flying Lotus - Yellow Belly (feat. Tierra Whack)
4.  Little Simz - Boss
5.  Tenesha The Wordsmith - Dangerous Women
6.  Tha Silent Partner - Covfefe's Groove (CC license)
7.  Rodney P - The Next Chapter
8.  Gawd Status - Messiah Hybrids
9.  DJ Shadow - C​.​O​.​N​.​F​.​O​.​R​.​M. feat. Gift Of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker, Infamous Taz
10. Brother Ali - Red Light Zone
11. Vula Viel - Fire
12. Mikal Amin - We Keep It Movin'

BSOTS BONUS TRACK: Samurai Guru - Everyone Go Through It

ID drops courtesy of Anji Bee, Kahlee, Jonny Sonic, and Mr. Ivory Snow.  Background music includes the following:

Anti-Pop Consortium - The Hands Behind The Piano Of Time Is God
MUTE - Eeekin Days (CC license)
BADLUCK - Vanity (Instrumental) (CC license)

Other key info:  Opinions While Black