Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Radio BSOTS show #169 - two weeks off from humanity...

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"Every day breathing in the United States is an away game for the Black man."
-Rich Medina, DJ/Producer/Poet, Beat Society Podcast, Episode No. 8

The title of this episode first came to mind back in July of 2016, shortly after the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.  Since then, it was put on the back burner and I knew I wanted to use it eventually.  After hearing that Brother Sterling's killers weren't being charged and then the police shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, CA, as well as far too many incidences of 911 calls on my people for simply existing, it just made sense to put together a show during this moment in time...where Starbucks locations nationwide have to close for a day so that their employees can learn how to simply treat all people like human freaking beings.

I recorded the music mixes for the show back on April 4th, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The first part deals heavily with police brutality.  By extension, it also goes into what happens when Black people internalize the hatred that this nation has for us.  Sometimes that hatred is thrust upon each other in both subtle and overt ways.  The second part of the mix was inspired by the movie Black Panther, thinking about Africa, and wanting to make my own Wakandan soundtrack.

Keep in mind that I recorded the opening voice over about a month before the NFL ruling on protests protests while the National Anthem is being played.  Seems like the longer I waited to release this episode, the more relevant it became.  Seeing as how I prefer to not have to make episodes like these at all, I really wish that weren't the case.

Should there be someone in your life working through the confusion, rage, sadness, and (let's just call it what it is) PTSD that comes with being Black in America, please share this episode with them.

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This episode's track list:

1.  Courtney Pine - A Word To The Wise {Bandcamp}
2.  MUTE - Brothers (Version 4) {Free Music Archive}
3.  KRTS - Serve And Protect feat. Mad Flows {Bandcamp}
4.  Mos Emvy - Hands Held High {FREE DOWNLOAD}
5.  Noname - Casket Pretty {Bandcamp}
6.  jitwam. - youkilledmyson [feat. loretta smith] {Bandcamp}
7.  C-Doc - Drugs By Roman Candlelight {Free Music Archive}
8.  Propaganda - Darkie (feat. Micah Bournes & Jackie Hill Perry) {iTunes}
9.  Brother Ali - Dear Black Son {Bandcamp}
10. Jamila Woods - Blk Girl Soldier {Bandcamp}
11. ClassicBeatz - For Sandra {Bandcamp}
12. Dr. Who Dat? - Deep Blaque {Bandcamp}
13. Clap! Clap! - Kabwe Beats (Paranam Mix) {Bandcamp}
14. Rocket Juice & The Moon - Dam(n) {iTunes}
15. Claude Delcloo/Arthur Jones - Africanasia, Pt. 1 (Excerpt) {iTunes}
16. Orono - Live At Nyawara {Free Music Archive}
17. DJ Khalab - Zaire (Will LV Remix) {Bandcamp}
18. Dexter Story - Xamar {Bandcamp}
19. Kaidi Tatham - We All Breathe The Same Air {Bandcamp}
20. Rambler 1976 - Angela Davis {Free Music Archive}

ID drops courtesy of Kahlief Adams and Kahlee.  Background music includes "Vanity (instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

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