Saturday, May 6, 2017

Radio BSOTS show #165 - BUCKWILD: Recovery Mode

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This show was recorded in stages between the months of March and April 2017.  I think the last time BSOTS got "buckwild" was in December of 2015, so this podcast has been long overdue for another primal scream.  A lot has happened since then, both in my life and the world at large.  There's plenty of music contained within this episode that speaks at length on the problems of the world today.  At the same time, there's music for the body to provide some balance.  As I always say with every "buckwild" episode, music for the party people, music for those that stay politickin', and music for the rest of us who find ourselves somewhere in between.  Hope you enjoy it.

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This episode's track list:

1.  Sega Bodega - Land Of Ooo {Bandcamp}
2.  The Dread - Staring At The Sun {Free Music Archive}
3.  Submerse - trip {Bandcamp}
4.  DJ Rashad, MoonDoctoR & FreshtillDef - Wah Wah
5.  Hotheads - Boss Level {Bandcamp}
6.  Mako & The Hawk feat. Chima Anya - The Devil Made Me Do It {Bandcamp}
7.  True Ingredients - Selfie Skank (Radio Edit) {Bandcamp}
8.  Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - I Went Outside Today (feat. Aesop Rock) {Bandcamp}
9.  Serengeti & Polyphonic - My Patriotism (Why? Remix) {iTunes}
10. Prince Ali - The Majors feat. Casual, Planet Asia & Keith Murray {iTunes}
11. Run The Jewels - 2100 (feat. BOOTS) {iTunes}
12. Oddisee - Like Really {Bandcamp}
13. Lecture On Nothing - Forward To Victory {iTunes}
14. Mister Wise - The Asylum {iTunes}
15. Jonny Sonic - Republican't {artist website}
16. J-Live - Eleven Nine {Bandcamp}
17. Kazi - Demons (feat. Bobby Earth & Nicholas Ryan Gant) {iTunes}


18. Negativland - The Greatest Taste Around {iTunes}
19. Pechiney Par[k] Heavy Industries - No Phunk Last Night

ID drops courtesy of Anji Bee, Jonny Sonic and Kahlee.  Background music featured is "Kyoto" by Nest and "Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

Items mentioned within this episode:

Radio BSOTS show #52
The End Of Absence by Michael Harris
Six Pixels Of Separation #430 with Michael Harris

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