Monday, September 7, 2020

Radio BSOTS show #172 - Tranquil Beats: Thursdays in August, 2016


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This episode's track list:

1.  Lee Rosevere - What Did I Miss (CC BY 3.0)
2.  Ziga Murko - Marjana Flip
3.  Lavender Worm - Hot Barbeque
4.  Blocktreat - Hipbones
5.  Aeon - GoodbyeLove
6.  Ohbliv - Send It On Down
7.  Eddie - 晚10点 (10pm)
8.  Floyd The Locsmif - Flowtation Device
9.  Presto - Smooth Flow
10. The Greg Foat Group - The Dancers Waltz
11. UKU - Forest 5am (Yoggyone Remix)
12. Affelaye - Whir
13. Leaks - Give
14. Jon Hopkins - Form By Firelight
15. Funki Porcini - Long Road
16. Tha Silent Partner - Dance Of The Black Geisha (CC BY 4.0)
17. The Jet Age Of Tomorrow - Orange Juice Simpson
18. Heathered Pearls - Beach Shelter
19. Lovespirals - Why Not Today?

Returning to the podcast feed after being away for months at a time (sometimes over a year) is something that I've done several times within the last few years, but this time feels somewhat different.  Perhaps it's the delicate nature of life in general as a global health pandemic and increasing social and racial unrest threaten to take us all hostage while election season ramps up in the States, but the need to be creative during this uncertain and unstable time has been lighting a fire under me.  It made sense to return with a set of instrumental tunes on the chill side of things, although one could argue that a number of these songs aren't necessarily as "tranquil" as the episode's title would lead one to believe.

I freely admit that there's some nervous energy to some of these selections, but it mirrors the unease of society right now.  The glitches and twitches that can be heard in the Yoggyone Remix of UKU's "Forest 5am" remind me of moving with caution through a world where COVID-19 constantly reminds us why it's imperative to do so.  The bleeps and squelches of Lavender Worm's "Hot Barbeque" remind me of the need to have fun and be silly, to carve out a space where moments like that can exist in the midst of so much confusion and frustration.  Then there are songs that just SLAP, like Presto's "Smooth Flow."  It's a song that I first came across over a decade ago on IODAPromonet (a podsafe music source that went extinct back in 2013) and still makes me bob my head to the point of where it may permanently separate from my neck.  Vocal samples weave their way in and out of these songs, but I let Lovespirals have the last word with their new single "Why Not Today?"

Considering how volatile the world is right now, even the noisiest moments of this mix are tranquil in comparison.  Hopefully, these selections will allow listeners to take a much-needed breather, even if only for an hour. 

ID drops courtesy of TGrundy, DarrenKeith, Kahlee, and EJ Flavors.  

Background music includes the following:

qpe - milk
BADLUCK - Vanity (instrumental) (CC BY 4.0

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