Sunday, January 28, 2018

Radio BSOTS show #168 - BUCKWILD: No Place For The Quiet

New year, new chances to leave feedback.  Please feel free to get in touch via email at, Twitter, or leave a voice message on the Speakpipe page.

For the first time in Radio BSOTS history, a new year begins in BUCKWILD fashion.  Honestly, I'm kinda surprised that this hasn't happened before.  And seeing as how my 2018 has already proven to be challenging, it seems just as well that this show would premiere now rather than closing out 2017.  Everything happens for a reason.

This show may take more personal turns this year. While that remains to be seen, I can remember just getting into podcasting back in 2005, holding the belief that the podcast should be the audio extension of the blog.  I thought it should straddle the fence between the professional and the personal.  Lately I've been feeling the need to tell stories through music, to find the narrative that weaves together all these songs that I've been coming across.  I also know that I need to speak from the heart more when I have something to say.  I pick my words carefully (not enough people do), but I ought to share them when it comes time to say something.

I don't know what this year will bring for Radio BSOTS.  And neither do you.  That makes us even.  Let's find out together.

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This episode's track list:

1.  Tricky - Same As It Ever Was {Bandcamp}
2.  Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) - Grab Hold {Bandcamp}
3.  The Hot 8 Brass Band - Can’t Nobody Get Down (Kabuki Remix) {Bandcamp}
4.  Vandemons - Can you go the distance Ft. NFA Jones {Bandcamp}
5.  Sho Baraka - Kanye, 2009 feat. Jackie Hill-Perry and Jamie Portee {iTunes}
6.  Pugs Atomz - On The One feat. Dirty Dunnz {Bandcamp}
7.  Born Ina Barn - No Good {iTunes}
8.  LORD RAJA - Zoro {Bandcamp}
9.  beatbox bandit - Les Jus Be Real {Bandcamp}
10. beatbox bandit - You & I [Illusions] {Bandcamp}
11. A Tribe Called Red - The People's Champ ft. Hellnback {iTunes}
12. Jitwam - Alone {Bandcamp}
13. Washed Out - Get Lost (Radio Edit) {iTunes}
14. Jonny Sonic - GenNext {Bandcamp}
15. Propaganda - Crooked Way {iTunes}
16. Lecture On Nothing - I Will Rise (Traditional) {iTunes}
17. The Cornel West Theory - Whut U B is Whut U Get {Bandcamp}

ID drops courtesy of Anji Bee, Thad Reid, Kahlee, and Jonny Sonic.  Theme music by Cy Tru and Jonny Sonic.  Background music includes the songs "Eeekin Days" by MUTE, "Kyoto" by Nest, "At That Cafe" by Gorje Hewek, and "Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

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