Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Radio BSOTS show #164 - Cupid's Hunt 2017: grass ain't greener...

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This podcast episode is a two-fold celebration.  First off, this show marks the beginning of the 2017 podcast year for Radio BSOTS.  Not only that, but this show is also being released as part of the 10th Anniversary Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration.  Since 2008, music lovers, DJs, and podcasters have been gathering together and releasing music mixes in honor of Valentine's Day.  The celebration at Cupid's Hunt is a month-long thing, seeing as how this project has hit the 10 year mark.

My Cupid's Hunt offering for this year began by asking a simple question:  what would it sound like to try to tell the plot of the movie Blue Valentine through music?  In no way am I suggesting that I have accomplished this, but the idea of pulling that off was a driving force behind this episode.  Pink Floyd's "Don't Leave Me Now" from The Wall soundtrack also served as a major influence for this mix.  Both of those pieces of information go a long way to suggest that this is not the typical Valentine's Day mix, but I've been moving further away from the traditional collection of love songs since 2013.  I didn't know it then, but I had started to create a trilogy.  It only dawned on me that I was making a trilogy once I started to map out the song sequence of this mix.  The offerings from past Cupid's Hunt mixes in 2013 and 2015 seem to share a common thread with this one.

Four years ago, I became far more interested in the gray areas of love, all the emotions that can often be confused for it or offered up as a substitute when there's no love to give.  This mix is no different.  I wanted to explore what goes on behind the social media veneer of smiling faces and vacation shots.  There's hurt behind the lives that we create online for the public to see and as far as I'm concerned, the real emotions underneath make for a far more interesting story to tell within the mix.

I certainly hope that you enjoy this mix and will find the time to listen to the previous parts of the trilogy, if you haven't already.

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This episode's track list:

1.  Rev. Johnny L. Jones - I Don't Need A Doctor (Sermon Excerpt) {Bandcamp}
2.  Prefuse 73 - Girlfriend Boyfriend {iTunes}
3.  Duke Hugh - Butterflies {Bandcamp}
4.  Mo Kolours - How I (Rhythm Love Affair) {Bandcamp}
5.  Serengeti - Guess What Mom
6.  ELWD - whenitfeltreal//sometimesclear {Bandcamp}
7.  NxWorries - Best One {Bandcamp}
8.  Tha Silent Partner - Mandingo Ocean {Free Music Archive}
9.  Odyssey Group - Midnight And You {iTunes}
10. Cohoba - Holla At Me {Bandcamp}
11. Submerse - Thinking About You {Bandcamp}
12. Core Rhythm and Zajazza - Lady (feat. Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Grand-Phee) {Bandcamp}
13. J Dilla - The Creep (The O) {Bandcamp}
14. Nangdo - Cry {Free Music Archive}
15. Harleighblu - Mmm feat. Dr. Zygote {Bandcamp}
16. Prince Paul feat. MC Paul Barman - The Night My Girlfriend Left Me
17. Foreknown - Cathartes Aura (Vulture) {Humble Beast}
18. Blaktroniks - Blow You feat. Exes4Eyes {Bandcamp}
19. Kid Creole And The Coconuts - Somebody's Got To Lose {iTunes}
20. Myka Nyne - Me And My Girl {iTunes}
21. Werkha - Falling Through The Wall (Tom Blip Remix) {Bandcamp}
22. Comfort Fit - Guess There's Nothing More To Say {Bandcamp}
23. Marquice Turner - Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned {Free Music Archive}
24. Gizmo - Red Balloon {Bandcamp}
25. Phonte & Eric Roberson - Hold Tight {iTunes}

ID drops courtesy of TGrundy, Radio 95X, Sista Suga, and Fave.  Background music featured is "Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

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