Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Radio BSOTS show #160 - Both Sides On Bondfire (pt.1)

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I could list a dozen reasons as to why I haven't done this earlier, but none of them would be good ones.  For any one who ever wondered what on earth has been keeping me from creating new podcast episodes, the live broadcasts for Bondfire Radio every other Friday certainly have something to do with it.  With that being the case, I figured that I really ought to bring the BSOTS on Bondfire broadcast experience to the podcast feed.

Big shout out to Classick Material of the Cold Slither Podcast Network, whose encouragement served as inspiration for me to finally get this show done.  With that being said, it's clear that consistency lies on the broadcast side of things, so for more Bondfire archives and to subscribe to the broadcast feed, just go here to make that happen.

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This episode's track list:

1.  The Hot 8 Brass Band - "Homies (Radio Edit)" (2012) {iTunes}
2.  DJ EFN - "Paradise (feat. Talib Kweli, Wrekonize & Redman)" (2015) {iTunes}
3.  DJ Vadim And Sena - "Work Hard" (2015) {iTunes}
4.  Markis Precise - "Back To Life (feat. Eligh)" (2015) {Bandcamp}
5.  Blitz The Ambassador - "JuJu Girl" (2015) {Bandcamp}
6.  Core Rhythm And Zajazza - "Grown Folk Biz (feat. Homeboy Sandman And Eagle Nebula)" (2015) {Bandcamp}
7.  Romare - "Nina's Dream" (2015) {Bandcamp}
8.  Semi Hendrix - "Jesus Pressed Mute" (2015) {Bandcamp}
9.  Sebastian Paul - "Birth" (2015) {Bandcamp}
10.  Public Enemy - "Corplantationopoly" (2015) {iTunes}
11.  Benjamin - "Those Memories (Sneak Up On Me)" (2015) {Bandcamp}
12.  NxWorries - "Link Up" (2015) {iTunes}
13.  The Greg Foat Group - "The Hunt" (2015) {Bandcamp}
14.  Mbongwana Star - "Malukayi (feat. Konono No. 1)" (2015) {iTunes}

ID drops courtesy of Fave, Kahlee, EJ Flavors, Core Rhythm, and Jonny Sonic.

Background music selections include the following:
"Pond" by Lavender Worm
"Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

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