Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Radio BSOTS show #162 - Tranquil Beats: Mondays In August, 2016

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Early on in 2016, Bondfire Radio began a playlist series called Tranquil Beats.  Focused on chilled out instrumental music, this playlist opens and closes the broadcast day Monday through Friday (9 a.m. and 12 midnight, EST).  A new guest curator is invited to select music to feature every month.  I took on the guest curator role for August of 2016.

Normally, Bondfire asks for individual songs from the guest curator that are played in whatever order they see fit.  From the website, listeners can see both the artist name and song titles as they play.  This episode features my Tranquil Beats picks that were played on Mondays in August, but they are presented in more of a mix tape style rather than a playlist one.  This is not the same order in which the songs were originally broadcast on Bondfire, either.  I just felt like the podcast audience should have something a little different.

This show is dedicated to all my USA heads who will be suffering from P.T.S.D. due to the 2016 presidential election campaign.  We all need a moment to decompress and I certainly hope that the songs within this episode can help with that effort.

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This episode's track list:

1.  Jon Phonics - "Candy Coupe" (2014) {Bandcamp}
2.  Darondo - "I Don't Want To Leave feat. Tall Black Guy (Sure Know How To Love Me Re-Edit)" (2013) {Bandcamp}
3.  Keyboard Kid - "Life's Real World 2 Gil" (2012)
4.  BADBADNOTGOOD - "Speaking Gently" (2016) {Bandcamp}
5.  ELWD - "citystreetflower" (2016) {Bandcamp}
6.  The Stuyvesants - "Sunrise In The Stuy" (2010)
7.  Submerse - "Fumes" (2014) {Bandcamp}
8.  Dabrye - "Piano" (2006) {iTunes}
9.  Karriem Riggins - "12's in 8" (2008}
10.  Darkhouse Family - "Disco Duck" (2016) {Bandcamp}
11.  Denaun Porter - "jUsT 4 dA hAwAiI eVeNiNg" (2013) {Bandcamp}
12.  fLako - "Humming" (2011) {Bandcamp}
13.  Def Dee - "Rain" (2011)
14.  Alain Goraguer - "Le Bracelet" (2014) {iTunes}
15.  Ultramarine - "Nova Scotia" (1991) {iTunes}
16.  Sepalcure - "See Me Feel Me" (2011) {iTunes}
17.  Mount Bank - "We Could Be Real" (2016) {Bandcamp}
18.  Big La vs. Todd - "Death Wish" (2016) {Bandcamp}
19.  Nangdo - "1st 2 Know" (2010) {Free Music Archive}
20.  Tha Silent Partner - "Love really?" (2016) {Free Music Archive}

ID drop courtesy of TGrundy.  Theme music courtesy of Cy Tru.  Background music featured is "Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

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