Thursday, December 3, 2015

Radio BSOTS show #158 - BUCKWILD: The Anger Management Mixtape

Normally, Radio BSOTS is all about the music, a platform where I get all geeked out about artists and songs and I invite you to geek out with me. And then there's this little thing called BSOTS GONE (buck)WILD, an all-too-rare occurrence where the gloves come off and you learn about me alongside the music (for better or worse).

This year's "buckwild" experience is all about anger. Technically, many of these shows have dealt with anger in some way, shape, or form, but that's another story. Two forces of nature pop up on this show in the form of soundbites: Tastykeish of Bondfire Radio's TK In The AM and longtime activist / 2008 Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Rosa Clemente. For conceptual continuity's sake, I make mention of a previous podcast episode as well as a blog post from over two years ago. Feel free to check those out if you're curious.

Sonic catharsis begins here. Lord knows I needed it and I'm sending this one out for all those in need of a primal scream.

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This episode's track list:

1. Lea Lea - "Psycho Killer" (2014) {Bandcamp}
2. Semi Hendrix (Ras Kass & Jack Splash) - "M.A.S.H. (feat. Kurupt)" (2015) {Bandcamp}
3. Willie the Kid & Bronze Nazareth feat. Roc Marciano - "Avalon" (2014) {iTunes}
4. Public Enemy - "Praise The Loud" (2015) {iTunes}
5. Respect Tha God - "Dum Dum" (2015) {iTunes}
6. Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz - "How We Living" (2015) {iTunes}
7. Romare - "Pusherman" (2014) {Bandcamp}
8. Moki McFly - "Ghostride The Whip" (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
9. Naked City - "Blood Is Thin" (1998) {Amazon}
10. iAreConscious - "If Only (Black Lives Mattered)" (2014) {Bandcamp (name your price)}
11. King Magnetic - "Our War" (2015) {iTunes}
12. Gensu Dean - "It Happened Before" (2015) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
13. yU - "Disturbed feat. B. Jamelle" (2011) {song no longer available}
14. Blaktroniks - "It Can Get Ugly" (2012) {iTunes}
15. Jonny Sonic - "Rugout" (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
16. The Walkmen - "We've Been Had" (2001) {iTunes}

BSOTS BONUS TRACK: Blakesmith - "What Matters ft. Mmdelai" (2015) {Bandcamp}

Theme music produced by Cy Tru featuring Jonny Sonic. ID drops courtesy of Anji Bee, India of Astronauts of Antiquity, and Jonny Sonic.

Background music selections include the following:
"Pop Champagne (Instrumental)" by Jim Jones
"germinal ring" by Cyclops Joint
"Adolar Aluminum" by Comfort Fit
"five minutes, five seconds" by Kid 606 vs. Max Tundra
"Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

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