Sunday, May 16, 2021

Radio BSOTS show #175 - Does Music Belong In Podcasting?


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This episode's track list:

1.  Mos Envy - Faded (Featuring Izabu) (CC BY 4.0)
2.  CM & Tha Silent Partner - Problems (CC BY 4.0)
3.  Tab - Lush (CC BY 3.0)
4.  Proviant Audio - Mushrooms (CC BY 3.0)
5.  Mega Ran - Proto Culture 2​.​0 (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) (CC BY 3.0)
6.  Amerigo Gazaway - Hero of Time (CC BY 3.0)
7.  Pandacetamol - Vanguard (CC BY 3.0)
8.  Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble - Undying Love For Humanity (CC BY 4.0)
9.  Moki McFly - Eternal Recurrence (CC BY 3.0)
10. A-Grav Lab - Spacewalkers (CC BY 4.0)

Should anyone have any doubts as to what my answer is to the question posed in this episode's title, please know that it's a resounding YES!  I had a Frank Zappa album title in my head while creating this show (Does Humor Belong In Music?), but ultimately it's a reaction to all of the DMCA takedowns issued to podcasters by the RIAA last year and this year.  In fact, I received an unauthorized material notice of my own early on in 2020 (for a song that I never played), and now seems like the perfect time to finally share that story.  In addition, I talk about the days when resources like Podsafe Music Network and IODA Promonet were still around, back when it felt like the term "podsafe music" was more concrete and not some abstract theory or intangible concept.

All of the songs featured in this episode are Creative Commons-licensed tracks, meaning that they're all free to download, to share, and to enjoy.  Some come from netlabels like blocSonic, Mahorka, and Kahvi Collective while others were found over at Bandcamp, Jamendo,  and the Free Music Archive.  It's a mix of hip-hop and electronic cuts including a pair of gamer jams and even a live cut from 2017 featuring Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab fame.  I think this episode is the right one for Camp Lo-Fi to ease its way back into the podosphere.  

(By the way, the "podsafe artist" drops featured in this episode all date back to 2008. Outasight, Astronauts of Antiquity, and yes, Wendy & Lisa were all working with Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR at the time.  Shout out to Ariel Hyatt for her work in artist development for at least 25 years now.)

ID drops courtesy of Jonny Sonic, Darren Keith, and Kahlief Adams. Theme music by Cy Tru (edited by Macedonia). 

Background music:
qpe - milk
Charlie Dreaming - Soft Hypnotic
Rest You Sleeping Giant - Absent Minded
BADLUCK -Vanity (Instrumental)  (CC BY 4.0).

Other key info:
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