Friday, November 24, 2017

Radio BSOTS show #167 - Another Dive Into The Free Music Archive...

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It's been way too long since I've done a show like this, but the activity on the Internet surrounding net neutrality back in July (which has intensified as of late with all the talks of repeals by the FCC) inspired me to reexamine the world of Creative Commons-licensed tunes again.  Not only that, but the 3rd Annual Netlabel Day happened in July as well, releasing a ton of free and legal music for the people.  I started mixing tunes together from the Free Music Archive during Labor Day Weekend and it's still fun discovering songs through that resource because there's no telling what you might find there.

The show opens and closes with words from Michael Weinberg (formerly with Public Knowledge, now with Shapeways) speaking on net neutrality.  (His interview segments are part of a sample pack posted on the FMA for artists to remix and make their own work with.)  In between, you'll find selections crossing various genres, from hip-hop and house to gospel and experimental works.  All of the songs heard within this episode are available for free download to share and enjoy.  I hope that this episode can serve as a gateway for someone listening to do their own digging through the FMA for more CC-licensed gems.

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This episode's track list:

1.  Donnie Ozone - How to Make a Smoothie (Recipe) {FMA}
2.  C-Doc - TheEnsuranceTrap featuring Tab (PMRC Mix) {FMA}
3.  The Honorable Sleaze - Broad Street Boogie {FMA}
4.  Lushlife - Gymnopedie (Live at WFMU, April 13, 2012) {FMA}
5.  Nangdo - Just Begun {FMA}
6.  Anitek - Glenn {FMA}
7.  Jazzafari - Unit {FMA}
8.  The Funk Underground - Emcee Parties {FMA}
9.  TV Girl - If You Want It {FMA}
10. The Impossebulls - Pope {FMA}
12. Fanas - Sunshine {FMA}
13. DJ Harrison - One Way Downtown {FMA}
14. Nine Inch Nails - 7 Ghosts I {FMA}
15. M-PeX & Makrox - Hezper {FMA}
16. Silver Apples - Lovefingers (Live at Monty Hall, 11/5/2016) {FMA}
17. Leggysalad - Eve Of The Festival {FMA}
18. Mike B. Fort - Morning Shopping {track not available}
19. The Polish Ambassador - Center For Kids Who Can't Dance Good {FMA}
20. Tha Silent Partner - 1nightstand (Kwik Nutt Edit) {FMA}
21. Ant The Symbol - 002 {FMA}
22. The Relatives - Evil World (Live At The Bell House, 2013) {FMA}
23. Night Owl Committee - Manual Retro {FMA}
24. Studio Noir - The Thirteenth Hour on Heliopolis {FMA}

ID drops courtesy of Thad Reid, EJ Flavors, Kahlee, and Jonny Sonic.  Theme music by Macedonia and Techniken Defunkus.  Background music is "Kyoto" by Nest and "Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK.

Items mentioned within this episode:

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