Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Radio BSOTS show #152 - BUCKWILD: The Shouting Match Never Really Ended... (pt. 2)

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If there is one picture that perfectly describes my Endless Shouting Matches period of podcasting, this would cover it.  I really was over the top on this show, but at least I can laugh about it now.  Besides that, this laid the groundwork for BSOTS GONE (buck)WILD, so it can't be all bad.  And there was some pretty cool music featured on this hot mess of a show.  The truth is that it wasn't meant to stick around longer than it did.  And I am more than okay with that.

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This episode's track list:

1.  A Tribe Called Red - "Burn Your Village To The Ground" (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
2.  80's Babies - "3Fifths" (2014) {Bandcamp (name your price)}
3.  John Oswald - "Power'" (2001) {Amazon MP3}
4.  Fishbone - "Faceplant Scorpion Backpinch" (2007) {iTunes}
5.  John Rifle - "Billboard (pt. 1)" (2002) {Last FM}
6.  Conscious - "Traffic Niggahs: The Title" (2006)
7.  Saul Williams - "Telegram" (2004) {iTunes}
8.  Friendly Fires - "Paris" (2008) {iTunes}
9.  Bloc Party - "She's Hearing Voices" (2005) {iTunes}
10.  O.B.E. - "Sex Offender" (2006)
11.  Cars & Trains - "Broken Streetlamp Serenade" (2006) {iTunes}
12.  Tom Waits - "How's It Gonna End" (2004) {iTunes}
13.  Mark Templeton - "As The Day Grows Longer" (2007) {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Theme music produced by Cy Tru (featuring vocals by Jonny Sonic).  ID drops courtesy of Anji Bee and Fave.  Background music includes "Pop Champagne (instrumental)" by Jim Jones and "Vanity (instrumental)" by Badluck.  Cameo appearances from The Hired Gun and Jersey Todd.

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