Sunday, December 7, 2014

Radio BSOTS show #151 - BUCKWILD: The Shouting Match Never Really Ended... (pt.1)

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I feel the need to leave 2014 on a silly note and poke some fun at myself at the same time.  The BSOTS GONE (buck)WILD shows always provide a chance for me to inject some humor back into the podcast.  This show unearths some footage from a BSOTS spinoff called *endless shouting matches with yourself*.  It ran for 16 episodes (July 2006 - March 2008) and had an "anything goes" type of format.  My rants took center stage while the music added some sonic relief.  The truth is that *endless shouting matches* laid the foundation for the "buckwild" experience to exist within the BSOTS channel.

The spoken word piece that appears before the opening credits is one that I wrote back in January of 2000.  I first recorded it for episode #2 of *endless shouting matches*.  A re-recorded version appears on a previous "buckwild" episode (show #86, to be precise).  I had fun listening back to some of this footage and hopefully, you will as well.  But seeing as how this episode was recorded between a pair of non-indictments for police officers, the audio that opens the show places Eric Garner's demise into proper context regarding American history with a little help from Melissa Harris-Perry.

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This episode's track list:

1.  Jason Randall Smith (Macedonia) - "Spill" (2006)
2.  Foreknown - "Minivan" (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}
3.  The Evolution Control Committee - "Hillbilly Beatboxing'" (2010) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
4.  El-P - "Smithereens" (2007) {Discogs}
5.  K.K./Overnite/Sway - "Gather Round" (2005)
6.  Universal Truth - "Rock City" (2005)
7.  7L & Esoteric - "Daisycutta feat. Kool Keith" (2006) {iTunes}
8.  Drop Squad - "The Drop" (2014) {Music Alley}
9.  Jonny Sonic - "Bourbon Sass" (2006) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
10.  Chicks On Speed - "Turn Of The Century" (2000) {iTunes}
11.  The Coup - "My Favorite Mutiny" (2006) {iTunes}
12.  Foreknown - "The Quartermaster" (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}
13.  Planet Asia & Tzarizm - "Via Satellite (feat. MidaZ the BEAST & Casual)" (2014) {iTunes}

Theme music produced by Cy Tru (featuring vocals by Jonny Sonic).  ID drop courtesy of Anji Bee.  Background music includes "Pop Champagne (instrumental)" by Jim Jones and "Vanity (instrumental)" by Badluck.

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