Monday, June 16, 2014

Radio BSOTS show #147 - BUCKWILD: Advanced Cautious Optimism

Some killer covers of Outkast, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, and Gary Numan.  Musical tributes to DJ Rashad and the 100th Anniversary of Sun Ra's birth.  Pete Rock remixes Yo La Tengo.  A seriously on-point critique of present-day education.  The first two songs ever played on Radio BSOTS.  And A Tribe Called Red remixes traditional pow wow music with rebel-rousing results.

Oh yeah, I introduce a new word within the first five minutes:  "ratchetivity."  I think it will catch on.

Do not attempt to adjust your podcatcher.  BSOTS has gone BUCKWILD once again...

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This episode's track list:

1.  The Custodian of Records - "A Word With Grasshopper" (2009) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
2.  Blackhouse - "Make A Choice" (1987) {Bandcamp}
3.  Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - "Spottie" (2010) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
4.  813 - "Espoir Voyage (LiL TExAS Remix)" (2013) {Beatport}
5.  Manix - "Pull Up Tune" (2013) {Beatport}
6.  Propaganda - "Bored Of Education" (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}
7.  CSC Funk Band - "A Troll's Soiree (Live at WFMU Record Fair)" (2011) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
8.  Extra T's - "E.T. Boogie" (1982) {iTunes}
9.  Man Parrish - "Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop)" (1982) {iTunes}
10.  Lightnin' Rod - "Sport" (1973) {iTunes}
11.  Yo La Tengo - "Here To Fall (Pete Rock Remix)" (2010) {iTunes}
12.  Traxman - "Rock You" (2012) {iTunes}
13.  DJ Rashad, MoonDoctoR & FreshtillDef - "We Get High (feat. DJ Spinn)" (2014)
14.  Twilight 22 - "Siberian Nights" (1984) {iTunes}
15.  Breakout - "Planet Rock Pt. 1" (2006) {Discogs}
16.  Cookin' On Three Burners - "Cars" (2013) {iTunes}
17.  Northern Cree - "Red Skin Girl (A Tribe Called Red Remix)" (2012) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
18.  MED - "Classic feat. Talib Kweli (Dexter Remix)" (2014) {Stones Throw Store}
19.  Willie The Kid & Bronze Nazareth - "The Guilt" (2014) {iTunes}
20.  Tricky - "A Song For Yukiko" (2001) {iTunes}
21.  Hade - "RASHAD" (2014) {FREE DOWNLOAD}
22.  √Črick d'Orion - "Mach 100 For Mister Ra" (2006) {FREE DOWNLOAD}

ID drops courtesy of Anji Bee, EJ Flavors, and Fave.  Theme music produced by Cy Tru featuring Jonny Sonic.  Background music consists of "Pop Champagne (instrumental)" by Jim Jones, "The Sauce (instrumental)" by De La Soul, "germinal ring" by Cyclops Joint, and "Vanity (Instrumental)" by Badluck.

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